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  1. Established in year 2003.
  2. Marvelsoft is POS Technical Support Centre for big guys in Johor. e.g. Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Popular Bookstore, MBO Cinema, Kenny Rogers..etc. Buy POS System is actually buying POS Support and Service.
  3. Marvelsoft Mini POS CPU with SSD Hard disk. We understand POS System required operate 24 hours daily in retail and restaurant environment, it’s also required fast response and no “hang” issues. We have gained our hard earned POS experience and carefully design a Mini POS CPU which is proven operate smoothly with our selected POS software in many customers over years of operation. Mini in size, but power inside!
  4. In-house Programmer. We have programmers to help customer “customized specific requirement”. We understand customer businesses will grow, when businesses grow, it may have new requirement on POS System. To make it flexible for customers, we invest in R & D and programmers, so our software are able to grow with customer businesses new requirement! It mean, you can use our POS System longer time!